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Operating Machinery too Close to Pedestrians 

Employees working too close to machinery are often at risk for serious injuries. Ensure pedestrians keep safe distance by identifying a clear boundary line. The EW2015R red boundary light projects a vivid red line to define a safe distance from machinery. 

 Obstructed Line of Sight 

Like most warehouses, tall racks line the aisles filled with boxes of materials. Materials must be safely stored to prevent injuries, but that won’t necessarily protect employees from the obstructed view caused by large containers. Warn oncoming foot traffic with ECCO’s EW2002B blue spot light. The work light casts a strong, blue light on the floor to indicate that a vehicle is in motion. 

Loud, Ambient Noise  

A multitude of factors such as various types of material handling and warehouse equipment and a large team of employees can create a hazardous working environment. A multi-frequency backup alarm can combat noise hazards by emitting a safe warning signal for those in the danger zone, while simultaneously minimizing disturbance to workers in other areas of the warehouse. 

Distracted Employees 

It’s a common practice found not only in warehouses but in offices around the world – employees using headphones to help them block out the ambient noise around them. Unfortunately, this can be one of the biggest safety hazards in a warehouse. Alert passersby with a LED beacon that produces a bright warning signal to oncoming traffic. 

Poorly-lit Working Spaces 

The dangers of inadequate warehouse lighting can lead to a variety of workplace injuries – from heavy equipment accidents to materials falling from poorly stacked racking. If your employees can’t see what is happening around them, it’s only a matter of time before an accident occurs. Safeguard your team by providing a safe working space. ECCO’s EW2110 worklamp delivers safe and effective illumination for a wide array of work areas.